3 tips to note when picking “the wedding gown”!

It is always exciting when it comes to picking “the wedding gown” that you are going to wear on your actual day! You’ve probably done tons of research on the different wedding gown designs online and visualize how it will look on you! Asking your friends and family to follow you on a “gown hunting trip”! Trying on the different gown collection that seems never ending!

It can be quite an overwhelming process definitely since it is going to be the wedding gown that you are going to wear once in your lifetime! You definitely want to look “WOW” when you march down the aisle with your other half on that day.



Other than the matter of fact that “the wedding gown” have to look absolutely gorgeous on you! There are other factors that you should take into consideration as well!


1) Location

The location of your wedding. Whether it is going to be an indoor wedding, outdoor wedding or both! The theme of your decorations, color scheme and etc. It will be good if the design & decor of your venue compliments your wedding gown. No matter how gorgeous a princess ballgown is, it is definitely not a wise choice if you are going to wear it to the beach.


2) Color

The color of the wedding gown, Gradually, more and more variation of bridal gown color is available! Other than the traditional off-white, there is also champagne, pearl, ivory, white and many more! How are you going to decide which suits your skin color! Consult your professional gown consultant for advice in this case.


3) Itinerary

Your itinerary of the day! Are you going to be moving around all the time, will you be changing out of your wedding gown or wearing the same throughout the day, is there going to be a dancing session? How long is your day going to be? You will not want to be lugging around a heavy wedding gown throughout the day, this is going to make it even harder for you to maintain your glam while entertaining your guest on that day.


These are some of the things that you can keep in mind while searching for the gown, it definitely helps to streamline the type of wedding gown that you are looking for. Especially if you are a clueless and indecisive bride where ALL the wedding gown looks good on you.


Last but not least, share your thoughts with your consultants and they should assist and advice you accordingly!


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