A guide to the seasonal flowers in Taipei!

Due to the different seasons in Taiwan, they are bless with different flora species growing throughout the year!


In the beginning between February to March is the cherry blossom.

One of the most popular places to go for the cherry blossom will be Yang Ming Shan National Park.


In full bloom, the flowers look absolutely gorgeous and soft.


Following up the month of May & June is the peak season for hydrangea flowers.


They are mostly found in private gardens where a small entrance fee is required to go in for photoshoot.

There will be various brightly colored hydrangea almost the size of a palm which makes it quite a view!


When Autumn comes, Lalang also known as silver grass can be found up the mountain and hills.


The tall lalangs typically covers a large field area. The feathery-like top and thin green stalk is what gives the unique visual aspect to this plant.


Finally comes December where the maple leaves starts to fall. You will also be able to see the gorgeous foliages put together by the red, yellow and orange color leaves, painting the sky and the ground.

Do expect some crowd when you go during the seasonal period as many locals and tourist will be there for the view as well.

For more information: https://jinshuju.net/f/8SmSEj

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