Actual Day Photography Feat. Arthur & Kyra!

Actual day photography is one of the essential services that should not be scrimp off.

Honestly speaking, you will be too busy on your actual day to know what is happening around!

The job of a professional photographer is to capture the moments of your big day so that you can reminisce when everything ends.

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The little details like your precious engagement ring.

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When you are holding your wedding gown and preparing for the individual procession of your actual day.


An experience photographer will know how to position himself during the significant moments.

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Focus and close up on when is crucial.


Definitely moments like this should never ever be missed. At the same time, make sure you sit down to discuss with the photographer of your itinerary and schedule on the actual day beforehand.


You can always count on your photographer to do some edits for you. Such as the black & white filter that gives the extra feels to the image. However, do keep in mind that unlike prewedding photography actual day photography should always be kept natural.

It is advisable to not edit your arms, facial features. “Au-natural” is the way to go!


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Unscripted moment captures the most candid shot.


Group photos with the family members, love ones, relatives, everyone that plays a part to make your actual day an unforgettable one.


Games session! With some inside jokes that only the two of you knows! *wink*


Your actual day is definitely one of the happiest time in your life. While you spend many time and effort just to plan for this day.

You’ll definitely want to relieve those precious moment again. <3

Are you looking to engage a professional actual photographer? click here to enquire more!

Last but not least, MERRY CHRISTMAS peeps!

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