Adventures of Kaohsiung Kenting



Cang Ai Wedding is the exclusive bridal boutique in Singapore that provides pre-wedding to Kaohsiung, Kenting.

A mesmerizing island that is known for their natural scenery, terrain and weather.

The vast blue sky has no ends or obstruction from any buildings. Our professional photographer is able to capture the whole wide angle of the sky into a single image.

Green pasture field…

Empty highway and countryside view that you can’t find locally.

We also have our very own Private Shooting Base that is built in Kenting for our couples to take with various indoor and outdoor scenes to pick from!

Giving you a mixture of style and feel in the photo album. (:


You can end the day with one of the best sunset you will see in your entire life.

Are you thinking of having your pre wedding done at Kaohsiung Kenting?

Cang Ai Wedding offer prewedding to Taiwan and Singapore at the same package price. Drop us a message for more information!

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