Beautiful poses you can take with a bridal veil!

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Bridal veil plays a significant part on your actual day and prewedding. Photographing the bridal veil in various creativity can help to soften the image and create a romantic and loving ambience.

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Take a look at how our photographers capture the bridal veil differently but all equally beautiful!

1. Dreamy Flow : Floating the long veils in the air.

The secret to this is with the help of an assistant that tosses or hold the veil in the air while the photographer captures the image.

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How does a black veil look? Mysterious yet classy at the same time?


Some veils are more fanciful as they have lacey designs along the hem.

This photo is taken inside the museum, the bride’s long veil has delicate lace which decorates the photo so well.


The bridal veil look endless as it floats in the air.

2. The intimate moment : With the bridal veil covering the both of you while you pose intimately.


It looks as though time has freeze and this moment is meant specially for the two of you only.


It looks better when taking in a natural open space. Both of you becomes the center of attention and everything else just fades into the background.

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3. Timeless & Elegant


A classic and soft korean style indoor shoot.

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Whereas this is more high definition (HD) and strong in editing.

4. Nature & Sky



See how nice the color complements one another, blue sky and the white color bridal veil.

5. Bridal closeup

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Never underestimate how the bridal veil can complete and perfect your look as a bride! Bridal veil comes in different length and design as well. You can consult your coordinator on which veil suits you best for the photoshoot!

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