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Crafting Your Dream Wedding — A Full Step by Step Wedding Progress!

Want to be stress-free in the Wedding Process? Look here!



Couples often feel overwhelmed by intricate wedding procedures, fearing they may overlook details. We created a concise guide to help them systematically prepare for marriage.



It’s a recommendation to start preparations at least 6 months before the chosen wedding date for a more relaxed and manageable process. 



Here’s an example of getting engaged and married on the same day. If they’re on different days, adjust the engagement preparation accordingly. Make further adjustments based on the wedding form and schedule. Let’s joyfully plan the wedding!



6 to 9 Months Before the Wedding 


  • –  Asking For Hand in Marriage (Chinese Traditions): The groom, with a matchmaker or relatives, proposes to the bride’s family, discussing wedding details. 


  • –  Choose Auspicious Date: Select a day based on birth charts and preferences, often recommended by a fortune teller. 


  • –  Book Venue: Create a guest list, estimate tables, ensure the venue meets requirements, and consider style and amenities. 


  • –  Select Wedding Company: Gather inspiration, shortlist companies, visit and inquire about packages and additional services.


  • –  Book Makeup Stylist: Browse portfolios or choose a stylist recommended by the wedding company for seamless communication. 


  • –  Book Other Services: Decide on additional services and book early or coordinate with friends and family. 


  • –  Skin Care and Fitness: Start a plan for a radiant look, including skincare, salon treatments, and workouts. 



4 to 5 Months Before the Wedding 


  • –  Prepare Props for Photography: After confirming the shooting with the wedding company, gather props like dolls, floral wreaths or balloons. 


  • –  Engagement Photo Shoot: Take the photo shoot in advance, allowing time for photo selection, editing, and creating items like albums. 


  • –  Select/Design Invitations: Confirm style, collect names, and use online forms for guest preferences. Print within 1-2 weeks of receiving wedding photos. 


  • –  Confirm Staff List: List roles for engagement and wedding staff, including coordinator, officiant, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls/page boys, and reception/cake-cutting personnel. 


  • –  Plan Wedding Schedule: Coordinate with elders for activities, ring exchange, and schedule photography and the wedding procession with planners. 


  • –  Select Jewellery: Monitor the gold market, and consider early purchase or renting for the engagement. Both bride and groom may need items, while wedding rings are essential. 


  • –  Choose Cake Vendor: Taste test and finalize orders a month before. Use an online form for multiple family contributions. 


  • –  Prepare Accessories: Delegate accessory preparation to vendors or engage in creative DIY projects with ample time for production. 



2 to 3 Months Before the Wedding 


  • –  Honeymoon Planning: Plan itinerary, process passports, book flights and accommodations. Request time off from work in advance. 


  • –  Select Attire: Couples usually choose a white gown and an evening gown. Men will choose a suit but mostly focus on the bride. 


  • –  Order/Rent Attire: Anticipate body changes, and schedule fittings around 2 months before the wedding. 


  • –  Video Production/Music: Gather materials for videos, and consider music and style. 


  • –  Purchase Customary Items: Buy items for traditional rituals, betrothal, and dowry. Can prepare creative gifts. 


  • –  Venue Decoration: Prepare props and backdrops if decorating on your own. Confirm venue assistance or discuss with decoration service. 


  • –  Car Rental: Borrow or rent cars. Confirm a month before, consider a specialized car rental company for a uniform fleet. 



1 Month Before the Wedding 


  • –  Menu Tasting: Schedule a month before the wedding banquet to ensure ingredients and dish quality align. 


  • –  Send Invitations: Remind friends and family to reserve the date by sending invitations at least one month in advance. 


  • –  Makeup Trial: Share gown photos with the makeup artist, discuss the desired style, and inquire about a trial session. 


  • –  Confirm Counts: Confirm guest and table counts, and finalize seating chart and arrangements. 


  • –  Vows and Farewells: Prepare wedding vows and farewell words, consulting with elders for special messages. 


  • –  Marriage Registration: To marry in Singapore, both parties must select a date at least 21 days before the wedding and proceed with the registration. 



1 Week Before the Wedding 


  • –  Confirmation of Wedding Service Providers: Confirm details with all service providers, including makeup artists, photographers, bands, decorators, transportation, and venue. 


  • –  Confirmation of Attire and Bouquets: Collect attire 1-2 days before, confirm return time, and pick up bouquets. 


  • –  Confirmation of Dowry and Red Envelopes: Prepare amounts for various aspects, and create a checklist to avoid oversights. 


  • –  Final Rehearsal: Walk through the process, review performances, test music or videos. 


  • –  Hair and Nail Care: Optimal timing for hair colour touch-ups and fresh manicures. 


  • –  Final Check of Items: Confirm the presence of rings, gold jewellery, cakes, customary items, and necessary items. 


  • –  Pre-Departure Meeting: Brief helpers on ceremony flow and roles for everyone to be on the same page. 


  • –  Trial Run of Procession Route: Walk through the route, and provide map and contact information to car and photography crews. 


  • –  Prepare Meals for Staff: Provide convenient meals for staff with limited time to eat. 


  • –  Get Adequate Rest: Rest early in the week, as the day starts early, around 4 or 5 AM. Being well-rested is crucial for a smooth and enjoyable day. 







The above is a quick guide to the whole wedding preparation process. Wishing the newlyweds a smooth and successful wedding day!! 


If there are still parts you don’t understand, feel free to ask us on WhatsApp. Let us assist you in creating the most perfect wedding together ❤️ 


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