From Sketch To Reality…

Before CangAi Wedding’s gown designer come up with this sketch. They have already gone through numerous cycle of researching > brainstorming > sketching > refining > material sourcing over & over again.

The birth of one single piece of wedding gown will than be sketched onto a clean piece of white paper, with the 3D image in mind. Every piece of lace and material will be drawn onto a different piece of paper, matching here and there before the final design.

After sketching, they go on to working the dress on a mannequin. The mannequin mimics the form of a bride. This ensures that the lining, curves and flare fall onto the right places, the lines of your body, accentuating and fitting your body curves. This is crucial so that the gown doesn’t look misfit on you, causing you to look slightly plump or stumpy! Personally, that is definitely the last thing I wish to look on my wedding day!! (click here to view more)


Once the embroidery is complete, the gown is layered with tulle, silk, organza, lace creating a full gown that is elegant and regal. Each gown is worn by a fitting model several times and altered to the perfect cut before completion.

Many months is taken to complete a single piece of our wedding dress, endless detailing, alteration, refinement and fitting.

Finally: An off-shoulder crystal blue wedding gown that is made of stiff fabric which gives it a full skirt. Big pieces of lace is align and scattered throughout with different sizes and random arrangement. This is definitely one stunning masterpiece from our latest 2018 collection.

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