Gown choosing experience

Unknowingly, I’ve reached the age to get married…

I am going to get married once in a lifetime, so the gown that I am going to wear is really important!!!

Recently, I’ve went Cang Ai Wedding to try on their wedding gowns, let me share it with you now!

Other than the fact that I have a sense of familiarity with Cang Ai Wedding as I stay just opposite them. Since young, I’ve seen many beautiful bride there and I dream of wearing my own gorgeous gown when I am older too.

Finally, I get to try on the wedding gown today.

For the first gown, it is an off-shoulder with laces that felt like feathers to me. It is as though I am a bride that flew from the sky.

    It has a super long train. I imagine to have 6 flower boys and girls standing behind me to hold my train, The image in my mind is so blissful, very style and grand. let us have a look at the details.

The 3-D lace applique design is the reason why the gown felt like feathers to me.!

Cang Ai’s gown are all handmade by experience gown designers, every piece is exclusive to our brides. The texture is very beautiful and you do not have to worry about wearing something that is similar to anyone~

Even though it is an off shoulder design, they had a v-neckline which showcases the collarbones. It looks sweet and made me look skinny too!

The second gown is also a bridal gown.

It is my personal favorite as there is a retro elegant feel to it with the long sleeve.

I like the fact that the sleeve decorated my arms with dainty flowers and leaves yet the illusion lace revealed some skin.

From the bottom of my heart, this gown is really beautiful!

As compared to the first gown, this train is slightly shorter.

However, it has many beautiful sparkling sequins which shimmers under the spotlight.

The back design is one whole row of pearl instead of the normal zip which felt more delicate and exquisite.

I absolutely love this piece, I will definitely pick a gown with laces like this for my wedding!!!

Cang Ai Wedding offer complimentary gown fitting! Make an appointment to experience yours today~

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