Guide to Indoor Studio Shoot

For couples that are looking for a simple pre-wedding, indoor shoot is your answer! Not only is it convenient, the expenses are lower as compared to outdoor shoot.

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Indoor studio is suitable for family portrait, maternity shoot & personal portrait. It is also a good solution for wet weather plans.

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Inside the private space, we provide a variety of backdrop and props to play around with. This helps to add variety to the entire photoshoot experience.

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If you are having 1 whole day of shoot, you can arrange to have the indoor shoot first. Reason being, the weather can get super hot in the afternoon. You do not want to get a heatsroke early the day.

Indoor studio is a great setting for taking intimate and close up shots. The lighting and environment is easy to control and manage. We will focus more on the interaction between you and your other half while taking indoor.

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If you wish to incorporate something interesting, indoor studio is a good place to be creative and think out of the box!

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Our indoor studio is located at 85 Tanjong Pagar Road S(088506), level 3 of our bridal boutique.

A convenient and easily accessible location for all our couples!

If you are keen to have your indoor shoot taken, be sure to check us out here!

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