Guide to Wedding Dress Neckline

There are a number of factor that contributes to the design of a wedding gown and how it will look on you. One of them is the neckline. The right neckline will highlight your best features! It can be dependent on your face shape, shoulder and bust. For brides that are starting to look for their gown, it is good to have some knowledge on the different necklines.

1. Bataeu or boat neck

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It has a wider opening which reaches the shoulder and sits close to the neck. It is a modest design if you don’t want to draw attention to your neck or fuller bust.

2. Off-shoulder

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A feminine neckline that helps to flaunt your neck and sculpted collarbone. You can pair with a nice long statement earring or elaborate hairstyle to compliment the elegant, romantic look!

3. Sweetheart

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Like the name itself, the top resembles a heart shape design. This is a very common and appealing design that can either have a plunging neckline or a slight one. It is ideal for showing off the curves and cleavage. For brides with smaller bust, it can create the illusion of a bigger bust.

4. Strap, Spaghetti

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This is a casual and simple neckline design. It is an excellent choice for brides that wish to show off their arms.

5. Illusion

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A sheer fabric or lace on the top that gives an illusion of a strapless dress but offering more coverage and support. It is a popular design for many! A dreamy and romantic feels to the illusion sheer look.

6. Halter

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The most distinct design of a halter neck is the strap that is tied onto the neck. It is a great design for brides that wish to show their tone arms.

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