How to include your fur-babies in your pre-wedding?

A wedding is said to be between two. However if you are a pet owner, you probably will want to include your furbabies in these special moments. We have many pet owners that chose to take their pre-wedding locally so as to include their furballs. We definitely welcome that! Also, we are going to give you a few tips if you are planning to include your furballs in the shoot.


  1. You can bring treats and toys to be used during the pre-wedding shoot. This helps to distract and keep your pets happy during the candid shots!
  2. Find a caretaker for your pet. Your shoot will normally last one entire day and your furballs will only be included during one of the section. Therefore, it is advisable to have someone take care of them before and after the shoot.
  3. Find a indoor studio. Indoor studios is generally a better location to take with your pets. There will be lesser distraction and the entire setting will be much more manageable!

What about the poses and style? Here are some of the top favourite photos of our couples taken with their furballs!


How does this look for a family portrait?



Dress them up in suit & tutu even~


For the finale, let us end with an outdoor shot!


Are you keen to have your pre-wedding taken with your pets? Drop us a message to find out more! <3

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