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I’m sure many of you are familiar with the term “k-pop”. Be it the tear-jerking korean drama, catchy korean song and in-sync dance move. The korean culture is influencing us and even for prewedding we have “korean style”.

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We can capture korean style prewedding once we have a gist of their main concept. Read on to find out how our photographers do it!

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1. Korean style photography is clean, minimalist and captures the natural interactive expression.

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Simple and elegant is one of the biggest trait in korean-style photography. They will use an entirely plain backdrop, natural light to capture the image thus putting all the atttention on the couple.

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Another trait is to capture the interaction between two, the gentle whispers and teasing where you exchange glances.

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2. Flawless and translucent makeup, simple hairdo with classic wedding gown designs. 

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Korean makeup is natural and nude that appears to be flawless. For the hairdo, it is simple and usually wavy long hair, a low bun or a ponytail. Nothing too fancy and exaggerating.

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The makeup artist will sometimes make use of different acessories such as a long veil, headpiece to add details and perfect the look.

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3. Indoor settings with actual props to create the perfect backdrop image.

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Be it plain walls or decorative interiors. The photographers will make use of different lighting to create the romantic and perfect look.

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Taking indoors will makes the entire photography session less tiring as well.

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You may find that many korean style photo look similar, with the same backdrop and pose. Therefore our photographer will always try to add that something “extra” and personalised it for every couple. To find out more, click here!

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