Overseas shot in Singapore?

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Due to the recent covid, new travelling measures are put in place and many overseas prewedding are put to halt. This definitely dampens the mood of couples who have been looking forward to their overseas prewedding!

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Fret not if your overseas prewedding have to change to local! There are some unique places in Singapore that doesnt look local at all! Like this magical lamp stall in Arab street that sells gourd lamp.


The fancy lamp looks like the ones in Cappadocia! It definitely has the Aladdin feels with the colorful lamp lights. All that is missing is the flying carpet!

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Arab street has many uncommon shophouses that is going to let your photos look like it is taken overseas!

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For couples that love nature, you can check out Seletar North Link.


This place looks really tranquail with the still lake and pine trees lining up.


Capture the 50m wide lake in this angle for the full beauty of the lake.

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Trek around the area to capture the forested field and greenary. You can go there during the sunset golden hours to capture nature in another light!


The latest hotspot for prewedding photography is Jurong Lake Garden. Do not be mistaken but the iconic lone tree is not a living thing! It is a huge sculpture made of recycled iron. The color has a deep rusty brown hue compared to the other trees around it.


The tree stump is pretty massive here. Can you imagine how tall and majestic this tree might have been before it was chopped off?


Another thing to get excited about Jurong Lake Garden is the lalang field here! *YAY* You do not have to travel to Tuas and Punggol for the lalangs anymore.



Like what you see above? Start planning for your local prewedding with us here!

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