Stunning local Nightshoot ideas!

When the sky is dark and the city lights up, there is a different ambience compared to the day!

The night is usually much more relaxing and romantic.

It might be due to the end of a long day but it is often where the fun begins!

pre-wedding, nightshoot location

Same goes to pre-wedding! If you are particularly in love with the skyscraper or night scene, you can opt for a nightshot!

Let us share 4 stunning nightshoot locations with you!

1. Fullerton Hotel

pre-wedding, nightshoot location

When the warm lighting lit up the hotel, the building structure is enhanced and brought alive.

The entire scenery gives off a very romantic and intimate feel.

2. Gardens by the Bay

pre-wedding, nightshoot location

Other then being a known tourist attraction. We have to agree that the super-trees look magnificient in the night!


If you are lucky, you might be pleasantly surprise by the exclusive set-ups they have for certain events or festival.

3. Helix bridge

pre-wedding, nightshoot location

You can also be as glamorous in the night with the right wedding gown and pose.

Glitter the night sky with shiny stars is definitely a plus-point for your pictures.

pre-wedding, nightshoot location

The helix bridge is a great spot as you are able to capture the 3 highlight of the city night – Marina Bay Sands, Art Science Museum and skyscaper.

4. Indoor areas

pre-wedding, nightshoot location

If none of the outdoor attractions caught your eyes, you can always think out of the box and find somewhere indoors.

pre-wedding, nightshoot location

Indoor can also be an option if the weather suddenly decides to turn bad!

For more exciting pre-wedding ideas and current promotion, make an appointment with us today. (:

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