Taiwan Jiufen

Taiwan Jiufen is known for it’s time worn buildings and street. Once you stepped in, you will be soaked in the ambiance that is a mixture of the olden Japan and Taiwan. The retro-like style is as though you’ve traveled back in time, packed with history…

The many red paper lanterns hanging around, brick-like buildings and wooden fixtures everywhere.


The bride is in a simple cheong-sam dress and the groom in a 3-piece formal suit paired with a newsboy cap to complete the look. You will be well blended within the environment, capturing the nostalgic photos.

Not forgetting this train station that is featured in many movie scenes…

If you are going Taiwan, you should definitely consider the natural scenery that is not available in Singapore.

The many mountains, sea, vast blue sky and green pasture.

Make an appointment with us to find out more about our pre-wedding shoot in Taiwan! Best part is that the package price is the same as taking it in Singapore!

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