Tips & tricks to spice up your pre-wedding!

One of the essential step prior to your actual wedding is the pre-wedding shoot. Pre-wedding is meant to showcase the love and beauty between two. If you are planning for a local pre-wedding, you maybe troubled by how small this sunny island is! There is not much places that you can take here.

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However, fret not! We are going to share a few tips with you on how to spice up your pre-wedding and create a love story of your own. Learn how to take local pre-wedding that does not look boring with these few tips!

  1. Personal Input – What makes your pre-wedding unique is the personal touch you include in your photos. It could be an item, a common hobby, interest and so on.

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See how this couple create their own story as they share a common liking in – Harry Potter!

singapore prewed 131

singapore prewed

Soccer work as well if you are both sporty!

2. Location – Do not opt for the usual location such as Botanical Garden, Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands… Pick somewhere that is unique, not commonly picked.

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The latest Lakeside Garden at Jurong.

singapore prewedding

3) Explore the angle and even some photoshop edits!

singapore indoor

sg prewedding

A mini me and giant you? Something magical while you float in the air and give your other half a kiss!

Think out of the box and add some personal touch to your pre-wedding. This will definitely make your photo album a memorable and unique one.

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