After a competitive fight, Kaohsiung have finally elected their mayor candidate from the Nationalist Party, Mr. Han Kuo-yu. Instantly, it has risen the tourism crowd in Kaohsiung! It has attracted tourist from all around the world! Many have requested to visit the 3 mountains in Kaohsiung, ” Gang Shan, Qi Shan and Feng Shan” in their itinerary. It is from the famous quote from Mayor Han Kuo-Yu, 得三山就得高雄”的冈山、旗山与凤山等 “。


In “Qi Shan”, there is the Buddhism Memorial Hall, Gang Shan will have the Taiwan Candy Factory and etc. Everywhere is filled with their unique traits that you cannot find in Singapore!


The local delicacies in Kaohsiung is highly recommended as well, authentic and cheap!


Do you know that we are the only bridal store in Singapore that has a bridal boutique in Kaohsiung?

Cang Ai Kaohsiung is the biggest bridal boutique among all our 5 bridals worldwide! It is 4 storeys high with thousand over wedding gowns and formal suit for selection. We also have a indoor studio!

From Kaohsiung, we can travel to Kenting where there is our own private shooting base with both indoor + outdoor scene! The natural scenery there is AMAZING!

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