What is at Kenting??

Do you know that we are the only bridal boutique in Singapore that provides pre-wedding to Kenting!

Kenting is located at the southern part of Taiwan.

kenting 6

It is a natural environment with long highway, cliffs, endless blue sky and clear turqoise sea.

It is also one of the top tourist attraction for the water sports and hike.

kenting 44

The best time to go Kenting for photoshoot will be during April to end August where the wind is not too strong.

kenting 15

The green grass field with no ends…

If you are tired of the natural scenery, we also have a photoshoot base meant for Cang Ai’s couple only!

kenting shooting base 21

There are both indoor interiors and outdoor settings such as this crystal church.

kenting shooting base 31

Floral backdrop for korean styled photos!

kenting shooting base 7

Antique car for the stylish one and many more!

The night in Kenting ends earlier as there are no citylights nor lamp post. The night dawns when the sun sets.

kenting_shooting_base - kenting_54

Thus, we have added a new spot to light up the night.

kenting_shooting_base - Kenting-50

With some fairy lights, we were able to take this romantic view at the end of the day.

kenting_shooting_base - kenting_58

The best part about Kenting is that you are able to capture all these in 1 day. All the natural sceneries and exclusive shooting base.

kenting - kenting_48

Keen to find out more? Make an appointment with us today to enjoy a $888 off!

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