Where to go for the gorgeous Cherry Blossoms?

Planning for your pre-wedding shoot early next year? Then you should not miss the Cherry Blossom in the Spring!

Nothing beats the gorgeous pink blooms that is really romantic for a pre-wedding shoot.

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There are 2 popular country couples choose to go for the Cherry Blossoms – Taipei or Japan!

The cherry blossoms in Taiwan full blooms during late January to early February. Japan is slightly later at late March to early April.

japan cherryblossom

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Having your prewedding photos taken under the pink flowers can be a dream come through!

Which part of Taipei do we go?

couples taking pre-wedding in cherry blossoms

The cherry blossoms in Taipei will be up the Yang Ming Shan National Park, it is also one of the most popular tourist spot to go!  (click here to view more)

taipei cherryblossom

It is recommended to book your schedule earlier if you are planning to take the Cherry Blosssoms due to the popular seasonal demand.

Which part of Japan do we go?

Kyoto and Nara Park! We will be arranging to go Kyoto next year late March to early April to catch the pink blooms.

japan cherryblossom3

Limited slots available and while slots last. So if you are unable to make it during the earlier months, you can consider going Japan to immerse in its cultural beauty.  (click here to view more)

japan cherryblossom1

If you are planning for your wedding for the later part of 2020 or 2021, this is your last few chances to plan for a cherry blossom pre-wedding! It is definitely going to be the highlight of your entire engagement photos. One that you will not regret!

japan cherryblossom6

Curious to know what we got to offer, make an appointment with our experience consultant to arrange for a complimentary consultation!


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