Which type of gown to pick for your prewedding & actual day!

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If you are looking to rent your wedding gowns, you should definitely check us out!

We provide ala-carte rental to full wedding packages according to your needs and requirement.

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The best part is that our gowns are only separated into 2 sections, prewedding and actual day.

There is no need to worry about any top-up when you pick a certain gown design which puts many of our brides at ease of any additional cost!

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So, what are the things that you should take note when picking your prewedding gown?

The gowns for prewedding should focus on the overall style, the presentation as a whole. Fancy long trains, patterns and design on the gown will give a good visual effect on the photos. Our experience coordinators will also assist you in picking a gown that suits the location.

For example if you are going to the beach, a heavy long gown is definitely a no-no!

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Taking into consideration that a full day of prewedding can get pretty tiring. We do not recommend our brides to keep changing their outfit.

It will be time consuming and tiring which wears you down overtime.A change of 2-3 gowns is optimal, with the best selection that compliments your figure and the scenery.

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Things to note while picking your actual day gown!

In comparison to prewedding gowns, the actual day gowns will be seen real-life by your guest. Therefore the details and quality of the gown is very important.

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The wedding gown should also help to enhance your curves while perfectly hiding your insecurities.

The selection for the various gowns can be explored, with unlimited style and endless possibilities!

  1. 1st March-in

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The 1st march-in is also the 1st impression you give your guest. Be as grand and bold as you like with a long exquisite train & plunging back.

2. 2nd March-in

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The 2nd gown that you pick can be a evening gown that you use for going table to table to greet your guest and take photos.

Therefore you can opt for something that is easy to move around in, something light.

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If you pick a ballgown, the can-can inside the gown can help you to walk better with the extra space underneath.

3. Tea Dress Ceremony

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Other than the traditional two-piece ones, there is the han-bok designs, modern tea-dresses and many more.

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You can do some research on your own before picking and trying to see which suits you best!

If you are keen to find out on the gown designs and service that we provide!

Join us this weekend for our Christmas Sales event. We will also be unveiling our latest 2020 collection!

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