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Traditional Tea Dress & Modern Kua

qun kua, tea dress, actual day photography

Red is an auspicious color for chinese, especially to the elderlies it represents prosperity, fortune and happiness.

For most chinese wedding, the traditional tea ceremony is practise and the bride will normally be wearing tea dress or kua.

qun kua, tea dress, pre-wedding photography

We provide traditional qun kua with a variety of selection and design.

The beauty of the kua lies in the sewing of dragon and phoenix using silver, gold threads. There are also peony and bat (in chinese the word bat sounds identical to good fortune).

qun kua, tea dress, pre-wedding photography

Other than the traditional tea dress, we also have modern kua and cheongsam. This is for the brides that are looking for something fitting and stylish!

The auspicious kua is suitable to be match with “san dian jin”, gold jewelleries and fancy head ornaments.

qun kua, tea dress, pre-wedding photography

We have a collection of exclusive modern kua, specially designed by our in-house designers in Taiwan.

One of the designs in our modern kua collection is shown above. It has a mixture of gold, blue and red color. We also have a version in pink!

This collection is really popular among our brides!

qun kua, tea dress, actual day photography

Our modern kua has an elegant a-line silhouette that is comfortable for some glam and dance!

Considering to wear kua on your wedding day? Check out our kua collection by making an appointment with us!

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